The seafarers, who were among the world’s keyworkers are now facing humanitarian crisis, as hundreds of thousands have remained stranded at sea, demanding for crew change. In celebration of the Day of the Seafarer, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has declared seafarers and other marine personnel as “key workers” and has called on all countries … Read more

ITF urges seafarers’ right to leave ships amid crew change crisis

Seafarers with finished contracts onboard international trade vessels can now choose to exercise their right to stop working, leave ships, and return home. This was the pronouncement made by the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) as it slammed the continued disregard and insufficient action by some governments on the crew change crisis even after it … Read more

UN calls for transport connectivity in landlocked countries

UN calls for transport connectivity in landlocked countries The United Nations (UN) has asked the governments to ensure a well-functioning transit transport services and procedures in landlocked developing countries (LLDCs) to survive this pandemic. The  United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)  said many LLDCs often the poorest in their regions,  had their economic … Read more


First big contingent of seafarers to address “crew change” departs from Manila Just before the JUNE 15 deadline set by maritime employers and unions to crew supplying country’s to resolve the issue of “crew change”, one of the biggest contingent of seafarers on a chartered flight out of Manila has flown out today, June 13. … Read more

230 seafarers from Germany arrives Friday on a chartered flight

230 seafarers from Germany arrives Friday on chartered flight TWO HUNDRED THIRTY Filipino seafarers arrived today, June 12 from Hamburg, Germany, organized by the Peter Döhle group for its seafarers represented in the Philippine manning agency Döle Seafront Crewing (Manila) Inc. via a chartered flight onboard Condor Air. The flight also includes other seafarers from … Read more

APFC to invest P7-B for 18 new vessels

APFC to invest P7-B for 18 new vessels FastCat CEO Christopher Pastrana and Landbank President Alex Buenaventura led the ceremonial signing for the funding of five brand new FastCats on Thursday, April 5, 2018, at Diamond Hotel. Archipelago Philippine Ferries Corp. (APFC), the shipping company that operates FastCat is looking at investing P7 billion for … Read more

Greater opportunities in maritime for the Filipino Youth

Creating greater opportunities for the Filipino youth to pursue meaningful careers in the maritime industry, the Philippine Transmarine Carriers Inc. (PTC) has strengthened its partnership with maritime party ANGKLA and the Department of Education (DepEd) to expand the delivery of the landmark Maritime Senior High School (SHS) Program. This initiative is driven by the company’s … Read more

European Commission’s Assessment of Maritime Education, Training, and Certification System of the Republic of the Philippines

The latest EMSA audit report on the Philippines Maritime Education, Training, and Certification System has come out and identified several ranges of areas pertaining to the implementation of the STCW requirements ” that need attention or further improvement”. This was contained in a press statement released by the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) recently. As we … Read more